Top Puncture Resistant Boots 2020

According to Section 29 CFR 1910.136 of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, workers’ feet must be protected against piercing objects, rolling or falling objects and electrical hazards. 

Therefore, the ASTM-rated puncture-resistant soles are fundamental for any safety footwear intended for job sites where sharp & piercing objects are inevitable. This feature is the lifesaver for work-related foot injuries such as punctures, crushing, sprains, and lacerations.

The Best Puncture-Resistant Work Boots offer

  1. Protection from flying or falling objects:The ASTM-certified steel or composite toe can hold up to 75 pounds of pressure when the objects drop from 3 yards.
  2. Protection from cutting hazards and punctures: Sharp objects like an ax or punctures, fragments potentially pierce through normal shoes to hurt your feet.
  3. Protection from electrical hazards: Exposing to wires and high-power conduits means exposing yourselves to a build-up static electricity. These steel-toe protection boots must also pass the test in which the application of 18,000 volts at 60 hertz for one minute with no current flow or leakage current in excess of one milliampere under dry conditions (as per ASTM F2413)
  4. Prevention of falls, trips, and slips: Non-slip material soles with aggressive lugs offer traction to balance your steps during works in watery or oily conditions.
  5. Prevention of fatigue: Day-long standing can cause foot fatigue if the footwear does not offer arch support. Features such as wicking memory rebound cotton help to absorb shocks.
  6. Protection from extreme weather: Extremely cold or hot condition requires respective footwear. If you are a sweaty person working in hot weather conditions, look for footwear with breathable mesh lining. If in cold conditions, then look for boots with insulated materials.
Top Puncture-Resistant Boots
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