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On 14 February 2020, we - Zespik - dispatched our 100,000th pair to our customer and did not think there was a greater gift than that for Valentine's Day. The gift was partially the earnings from our sales but the main part of it , to us the Zespik team, was that our belief in how we carry out the business has been proven right:

"Earnings can come after enough Love and Care was given."

This belief originates from our founder Mr. Kenneth L. Norman and his own story with how he started it all (Check out the full story here). However, Norman did not expect his brand would be solely winning customers' bucks without obtaining any sustainability advantage.

The brand's vision and mission would just be mere statements any boasting salesperson out there in the world could easily make but Norman anchored every aspect of the business to the real and positive personal values that our customers get, made that our ultimate goal, stock up willingness to give in every single staff and let compassion lead the way.


We aim to become one of the TOP Trusted Cult-favorite Shopping destinations for shoe-lovers and everyone caring about them.

A place for material satisfaction.

A place for gifts of care.

A venue for communities.



We regard making top-notch quality footwear as the minimum surviving operation and see listening to our customers' needs and wants as the only way to truly grow sustainably. Protection and fashion are at their best when felt with heart.



We strive to offer top-notch quality footwear so that all you have left to do is performing to your fullest capabilities. One pair of Zespik sold should make the world have one less worried person - and we want to multiply that by millions with extra help of devoted social-listening.


All we do is for the "WE" 
that Zespik wants you to join and stay.


We did not realize Zespik got big until the 100,000th pair sold, really.
Zespik was designed by improvisation, perfected by expert but sold by sincere compassion. We have growing evidence to believe that Zespik can break records to become a brand that you can count on consistently for every occasion, purpose and all sizes of pocket.


We want to celebrate our friendship!

You can now have the Customizable Power Duo (Zespik Alpha + Zespik Powerflex) for $99.99 (183.52 value).


Valid while stocks last.

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